Jupiter in 6th, Venus in 8th, Saturn in 9th house - Bad luck really?

Horoscope analysis requires challenging the frontiers of common understanding with logic and reason.

Let's consider these 5 planets in the chart which has Venus in 8th and Jupiter in 6th house. But the larger point is to address natural benefic planet's (and significators of good things) placement in challenging houses so it's going to address the concerns of all those who have other "challenging" placements e.g. Venus in 6th house or Jupiter in 8th house OR Venus and Jupiter in 6th house OR Jupiter and Venus in 8th house. This chart also has natural malefic Saturn in 9th house, that too in Scorpio.

Jupiter in 6th house Venus in 8th house

It's commonly understood that any planet specially benefic like Jupiter or Venus placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house goes weak. In the example chart showing 5 planets, Jupiter and Venus are in 6th and 8th house respectively and hence are supposed to be weak (and potentially malefic). Saturn, a natural malefic in auspicious 9th house of luck is supposed to be harmful for the significations of that house. Then we can also see Moon under affliction through conjuction by Mars in 11th house. Aren't these principles part of Jyotish fundamentals?

If you said 'yes' then let me surprise you by saying the above combination of 5 planets has been hailed as fortunate of very high order in astrology classic Bhavartha Ratnakar. Before we look into authentic reasons of this statement, does it mean it defies Astrology fundamentals? This is precisely why we must apply the principles in unique manner in every chart because we all are unique individuals yet having a common pattern.

The question however is even if we blindly assume it's highly fortunate combination, what about Jupiter and Venus stuck in challenging houses?

Ok, here's the answer - it's not really good for the natural significations of the planet(s) which are placed in 6th or 8th houses BUT if these planets are natural benefics, it's good for the positive significations of these houses. So Jupiter and Venus will face some blemish in their natural significations because of placement in 6th/8th houses but these natural benefics will help restrict enemies (Jupiter in 6th house) and enhance longevity (Venus in 8th house). This is how the contradiction is reconciled.

Now coming to the larger logical question - how Jupiter in 6th, Venus in 8th and Saturn in 9th bring high level of fortune? Let's jump in.

So what exactly the said verse in classic Bhavartha Ratnakar say?

मीने तु जायमानस्य गुरूषष्ठेsटमे भृगु: ।

भाग्ये शनिश्चन्द्रेकुजौ लाभेचोत्कृष्टभाग्यवान ।।

The verse simply says in Pisces ascendant, Jupiter in 6th, Venus in 8th, Saturn in 9th and conjunction of Moon and Mars in 11th house bring very high level of fortune. It says no more, no less.

So how is it so fortunate? Do you see the powerful dhana yoga in 11th house where Mars + Moon combine as lords of 2nd house of wealth ie exalted Mars and lord of 5th house of past good karma ie Moon ? Exalted Mars, from 11th house of gains aspects own sign Aries which is 2nd house of wealth and Moon aspects own sign Cancer in 5th house of luck.

It's a fundamental principle that a house becomes stronger (and beneficial) when it receives aspect from it's lord. This makes 2nd and 5th houses stronger.

There is another powerful yoga between 9th lord Mars and 11th lord Saturn who are placed in each other's sign and hence form parivartana (exchange) yoga. Whenever exchange yoga happens both the houses become strong as they receive the energies of own lords via the exchange. That strengthens 9th house of luck and 11th house of gains.

As we can see, a natural malefic Saturn in 9th house of enemy sign Scorpio would by itself been harmful for luck but the exchange yoga with Mars changed the entire landscape and 9th house of luck became strong (and beneficial) as it receives the energy of it's lord Mars through Saturn.

The power of this combination is much more. As you would know, Moon sign is treated as parallel ascendant. We can see that the 2nd house of wealth from ascendant is strong as it receives aspect from it's lord Mars AND two natural benefics ie. Jupiter and Venus. The same Jupiter aspects the 2nd house from Moon thereby boosting the strength of 2nd house.

The sign in 10th house of status and rise in life is Sagittarius which receives aspect from it's lord Jupiter (5th aspect). This makes 10th house strong. The same pattern is confirmed when we see the 10th house from Moon, which is Libra with it's lord Venus placed there. So this chart not only promises good money and material gains but also high status and respect.

We saw luck in terms of money and status but what about health and longevity? I don't think classics will call anyone lucky without long and healthy life. As we briefly touched upon Jupiter and Venus already, we know that Jupiter in 6th is helpful in handling enemies but this Jupiter being ascendant lord would present health challenges under aspect from Mars and Saturn, two natural malefics.

This combination however promises luck in overcoming health challenges because it shows good longevity and keeps dramatically malefic effects under check. That's because the 8th house of longevity has it's lord Venus, a natural benefic in own sign. The same pattern is repeated in 8th from Moon where another natural benefic Jupiter is placed in a friendly sign Leo.

Together these two benefics ie Jupiter and Venus aspect the 2nd and 12th houses thereby creating a very positive impact on the ascendant. The equivalent of this auspicious combination from Moon is called Adhiyoga. It strengthens the ascendant and overall very lucky in overcoming obstacles.

Life can't be one sided all gain and no pain. In the same classic ie Bhavartha Ratnakar, author Ramanujacharya in a different chapter has written about the downside of having Mars in 11th house aspected by Saturn which is death/denial of elder sibling. Another downside of having lord of 3rd house in 8th house (Venus in this case) is danger to younger sibling. So this otherwise "highly fortunate" combination is not all fortunate only with no misfortune whatsoever.

The verse next to the verse mentioning above 5 planets say if Mercury, Mars and Moon are placed in Capricorn falling at 11th house, the native gets real estate property, money and vehicles.

मीने तु जायमानस्य चंद्रसौम्यकुजा यदि ।

मकरस्था यदि भवन धन वाहन योगदाः ।।

One question - why the author doesn't call this combination "all fortunate"? Put in other words why Mercury wasn't included in the previous "highly fortunate" combination of 5 planets ?

Saturn in 9th Venus in 8th house

This combination of Moon, Mars and Mercury conjunction in 11th house Capricorn indicates grave danger for mother because Moon, the natural significator of mother and Mercury the lord of 4th house of mother are both afflicted by Mars in 11th house which is 8th house when counted from 4th house. This is bad for longevity of mother and indicates short life or shocking death of mother.

On the materialistic side however, this Mercury in 11th house placed in Capricorn sign specifically ensures gain of property and vehicle because Mercury is lord of 4th house in conjunction with significator of property ie. Mars. This combination of Moon and Mars by itself is a rich yoga for money as we saw already.

Astrology is a great tool to look at life. Life is not bed of roses even for richest of people.

One must also appreciate the depth of principles written in astrology classics and try to look beyond the literal meaning. Just two verses from classics required an article to appreciate their astrological marvel. 

Please understand the underlining point here. These planets are NOT acting in isolation ie Mars in 11th or Venus in 8th house. Any credible conclusion is reached when we look how well the planets combine in the horoscope. This combination is termed as yoga in astrology. Even the spiritual and health regime of yoga has same underlining meaning of combining well with the larger universal energy that created us.

Author : Partho Banerjee

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