Sidereal OR Tropical Zodiac - Chart Analysis (PART 3)

I am doing comparative sidereal chart analysis in the concluding Part 3 of the sidereal-tropical debate using vedic (Indian) astrology principles. The Part 1 of the debate settled the question of the correct zodiac in all major classical text like BPHS, Brihat Jataka, etc. The Part 2 of the debate has settled the question of historical evidence and scientific facts in favour of sidereal zodiac.

Comparative chart analysis don't PROVE anything but can be used only for ILLUSTRATIVE purpose. The objective of establishing sidereal zodiac with classical, historical and scientific evidences been conclusively achieved in Part 1 and Part 2. This is only for practical illustration.

This Part has more video than text because video is more visual and easier to handle chart analysis. Analysis is being done for famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Nicola Tesla and even present day Donald Trump. It's better to analyze people about whom certain facts are in public domain.

Albert Einstein

Key points

The ascendant in sidereal chart is Gemini whereas that in tropical is Cancer 😊. No matter what the tropical vedic side argues, nothing comes anywhere close to the below. You change the ascendant, everything gets changed. It's no longer Einstein then.

Venus-Mercury conjunction works two ways :

  1. Lord of 5th house of intelligence venus + significator of cognitive intelligence Mercury in that important 4 planets combo
  2. Lord of 4th house + lord of 5th house conjunction ie Mercury + Venus again converting the above to raj yoga. Mercury doubles up as ascendant lord too.

So that 10th house becomes a great seat of intelligence + raj yoga because of Venus + Mer AND Jupiter-Saturn exchange as 9th and 10th lords.

Jup-Saturn exchange ensured rise in life due to the above reason ie, academics and intelligence. Saturn's lordship of 8th house made him work hard in research.

This yoga between 9th and 10th lords from ascendant manifests itself AGAIN from Moon as Jupiter and Saturn are lords of 4th and 5th house respectively from Moon reinforcing rise in life with intelligence and academics.

This confluence of raj yoga from ascendant and Moon in which his intelligence and vidya (learning) played the defining role that created Einstein as we know.

Donald Trump

Key points

To begin with, one can argue anything about Trump but none can argue against the fact that his real source of power is his real estate money. So his chart has to be extra special in terms of accumulated wealth.

Tropical chart is a damp squib with Jupiter in 3rd house aspecting 11th house. For someone who made a fortune in real estate, you would expect 4th house to be more encouraging here than the 3rd. Lord of 2nd house Mercury is in 12th. Classics are near unanimous that 2nd lord in 12th is not good for wealth except if it's Venus.

Here it's Mercury so not good for 2nd house of wealth accumulation. From chandra lagna (ie moon sign) lords of 2nd and 11th house both are in 8th from Moon and 12th from ascendant. I don't see how that's creating the kind of wealth for Trump.

Contrast : Let's look at the glorious sidereal chart. Lord of 2nd house, Mercury is in 11th house of gains that too in own sign Gemini. Strength of Mercury is critical for wealth of Leo ascendant people because Mercury is lord of both money houses ie 2nd and 11th.

Jupiter from 2nd house keeps the entire artha trine (of materialism) i.e. 2nd, 6th and 10th houses jovial with its 5th and 9th aspects.

Now, for that kind of staggering wealth, this isn't enough. There's got to be more. See Moon sign. Jupiter is lord of 2nd from Moon, placed at 11th from Moon (and 2nd from ascendant). Beautiful.

Now look at Sun. Lord of 2nd house from Sun ie Mercury at own sign (and 11th from ascendant). Sun is at digbala and Moon's debilitation neutralised by its dispositor Mars who is right at ascendant and aspecting Moon thereby strengthening it.

So you see how his 2nd house and 11th house are so strong from all the three lagna ie ascendant, Moon and Sun signs. To make it conducive to real estate, Mars is associated with 4th house from ascendant, 4th house from Moon and 4th house from Sun.

Adolf Hitler

Does one need more convincing about the superiority of sidereal? Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In coming days/weeks other famous personalities chart analysis to follow ....