Lucky direction, color in vedic astrology by date of birth - Mobile app that brings technology and ancient knowledge together

There is nothing called 'luck'. Surprised? True, everything is about doing the right thing at right time. When we don't understand the pattern, we call it luck. There is a pattern to our picking the right or wrong time of doing things which we call lucky or unlucky time.

Luck by AstroScience bridges the gap between ancient Vedic knowledge and modern technology. Here is a real productivity app that doesn't just deal with quantity of work but QUALITY of work. That doesn't mean it's any less effective in personal and social life matters.

vedic astrology lucky direction

Luck by AstroScience divides entire day of 24 hours in 10 parts and tells you which is best, good, average, bad and worst part of the day. It calculates these time periods using YOUR date, time, place of birth and name. It's NOT a generalized Sun/Moon sign or ascendant based stuff which applies to about 600 million people and hence hardly relevant personally. All calculations in Luck by AstroScience are based on YOUR name, and date/time of birth which is unique. It's highly customized personally.

If you have heard of muhurta or electional astrology, this is as good as it could get, in personal application.

Not only does it show good and bad hours of the each day but also mentions YOUR lucky colors and directions for a given fortnight. The lucky hours, colors and directions follow different patterns for each one of us based on bright or dark Moon and day or night cycle.

vedic astrology lucky color

How to use the app

That's simple! All you have to do is set up your profile one time with your name, date, place and time of birth and you are all done! It can be used to :

  • execute most crucial work at best/good hours (and avoid them at challenging hours)
  • meet important people whether at work, personal or social circle
  • make investments and take financial decisions
  • undertake pending medical treatment
  • buy property or start some auspicious activities like house warming
  • even trying to resolve confrontation/conflicts eg. attending meetings where fireworks are expected :-)

This is a productivity app in terms of work quality and has been designed for everybody irrespective of astrology knowledge. Just execute above activities at your best hours FACING your lucky direction and see how consistently it works. Conversely, just avoid these activities in your "bad" hours and see how you consistently avoid big mistakes.

This is a simple app with just 3-4 main pages where all the action happen (do watch my app demo here). It's an app that you would look possibly twice a day to schedule your work.

The app doesn't stop at just rating each of the 10 daily time divisions as best, good, average etc but also drills down at most crucial those "30 minutes" within one larger slot of say, 2 hours.

Lucky time in vedic astrology

Everything is displayed in easy to understand words, icons and numbers (please look at the screenshots). And yes, there are No ads, no distractions, no internet required (except when you set up profile after new install) and speed is blazing fast.

Apart from personalizing the lucky hours, color and direction, it also personalizes your good/bad hours based on your current city. All lucky time calculations are done using local sunrise/sunset wherever you presently live. The app uses your present location as part of profile setup when you install the app. So the time periods are again highly personalized.

Now that we have a fair idea of what the app can do for us, let's see WHAT it CAN'T DO.

The app can NOT

  • replace full fledged horoscope analysis, the purpose of which is complete guidance in matters of life.
  • change our OVERALL luck that we are born with. It's only about giving our best shot in given circumstances.
  • make us all powerful or superior beings. It just makes us more productive and effective in personal and professional life. This goes a long way in improving quality of life.
  • magically change our temperament, skills or cognitive intelligence (high quality horoscope analysis can help, not this app)

There are two versions of the app in Google Play store

  • Luck by AstroScience (Lite) which is free version with limited features
  • Luck by AstroScience regular version which is paid and full featured
  • The Lite version costs Rs 0 (US $0 outside India) and regular version costs one time Rs 449 (US $9.99 outside India). Please note it's one time purchase, as some are confusing it with subscription.

    Difference between Lite and Regular versions: The Lite (free) version shows first 4 time periods (out of 10) of the day starting from Sunrise, which should cover morning till late afternoon about 3 or 4pm in most places of the world. The Lite version doesn’t show the status of evening and night time periods whereas regular version covers all 24 hours of the day. Also, the regular version has random date picker which lets you see weeks, months or years ahead. The Lite version gives visibility to next 2 days maximum showing morning and afternoon hours.

    Download link for app demo (user manual) along-with Google Play store links are provided at the end of this article.

    The proceeds of the profit from the sales of regular (paid) app after payment of Google's commissions (30%) + cost of API calls to Google libraries and cost of maintaining and enhancing the app will go towards The Earth Saviours Foundation, a well recognized NGO in Gurgaon, India that's dedicated to housing and caring for abandoned and homeless senior citizens. Our family supports this organization as much as possible and its going through COVID triggered financial crisis at present.

    It's no coincidence that sometimes we are highly productive and do almost everything right. But, at other times we are just not our natural selves and make "silly" mistakes. There is a pattern about it. Luck by AstroScience captures this UNIQUE pattern of our individual mind.

    Calculation of our most productive, efficient and "lucky" hours of the day has been done using elemental astrology (called tatva in Sanskrit). There are 5 basic elements ie. air, water, fire, earth and ether. Ancient vedic knowledge considers these 5 tatva or elements as the building blocks of everything we see in this universe including us humans.

    Our high or low times are nothing but interplay between these 5 elements. which is what this app calculates and shows in easy to understand manner. These time periods then decide our lucky days, hours, color and direction.

    The (vedic) day starts at sunrise and ends at next sunrise. The lucky time display is personalized for your present location so don't forget to allow your location to be used by the app at the time of your profile set up.

    The Astrology of it

    For those who have good familiarity with Vedic astrology, the guiding principles of this app are the Jyotish of tatva (elemental) Astrology popularly called panch pakshi in Tamil Nadu and south of India, powerful concept of Hora (loosely hour in English) and vedic numerology of names based on katapayadi system of phonetics and name. Panch pakshi system in south of India is based on 5 elements divides the day and night halves in 5 parts each. Each such division is called yama. It is based on natal moon nakshatra and hence needs to be further refined with hora in it's subdivisions along-with the name phonetics of the native. When we harmonize these three factors i.e. tatva (panch pakshi), hora and vedic name phonetic, it becomes real sharp and effective personally.

    Counting of time periods or yama should be taken from Sunrise at current location instead of a standard time like 6 am which will give incorrect timing. Also, day and night yamas are not equal as we know during summer days are longer than nights and vice-e-versa during winter. If we don't count yamas from local Sunrise or take all yamas as equal 365 days a year, we will be away from ground realities and so will be the outcome. This app counts the time periods that reflect these ground realities.

    Those who know the calculation of gulika in vedic astrology can easily draw the equivalence of terms here because in gulika calculation which divides the day half in 8 parts, each 8th division is called yama for gulika calculation too. This concept is still quite general which is refined with the personally powerful hora and blending with the tatva (element) indicated by person's name. All this is then absorbed in simple looking numeric scores that is then given to each time slot (on pressing the Details button). That is how the lucky colors, directions and times are laser guided for the person.

    That's all, enjoy productivity, performance and happiness!

    Tap here to download the free Lite version app from Google Play store

    Tap here to download the full featured regular version app from Google Play store

    The app demo (pdf file) can be downloaded from Google Drive here.