Relationship and Marriage Compatibility using Stars and Planets


In the highly competitive information age of 21st century, it's safer to logically understand the potential risks in a relationship instead of rushing through this step as a formal "must do" traditional activity. In modern times, I see marriage compatibility as enforced tradition in India instead of being used to understand potential real life challenges in marriage/relationship.

Practical experience shows that the traditional 36 guna (ashtakoota) method of marriage compatibility is not working in 21st century to filter out incompatible relationship and marriages. Sadly, an alarming number of relationships fail despite getting high score in 36 point based match making system. Obviously, there is some gap either in application or understanding of this traditional system.

I wish to show a combined Astro-Numero-Vaastu marriage compatibility system that I have been using for quite a long time now. The system has actually been very successful in filtering out potentially incompatble matches. In many cases when 36 guna system gave much lesser than minimum required 18 points out of 36, this joint Astro-Numero-Vaastu system gave good score. The feedback is very encouraging.

What this system does :

  • Integrates Astrology + Numerology + Vaastu in one consolidated relationship/marriage compatibility system.
  • Takes a modern 21st century approach to address specific causes of divorce/separation or unhappiness in marriage.
  • Considers often ignored factors eg.
    • A) Name and proposed name change compatibility
    • B) Emotional/mental compability
    • C) Financial compabilility
    • D) Physical compatibility
    • E) Vaastu compatibility using date of birth
  • Gives a 68 point based scorecard. I give a go-ahead if it's atleast 50% ie 34 points scored out of total 68.
  • Can help identify the root cause of troubles in existing relationship/marriage and suggest pointers to address the same.

What this sytem does NOT do:

  • Replace manual chart reading for match making. It only supplements it.
  • Use obsolete parameters of match making in modern times

I have developed this software for personal use which calculates the scores in each parameter and presents a scorecard on a 68 point based system. This by no means indicates that manual chart reading for compatibility can be replaced by this software. It simply makes it very easy to input the astrological findings in a system and get a very easy to understand numeric representation of match making score.

I personally explain the marks scored for each of the parameters eg. emotional or health compatibility and the challenges to be faced thereof. This is very advanced and concrete tool to aid in measuring rapport in relationship.

Here are the screenshots of the scorecard.

Horoscope matching
Astrology Numerology Marriage compability
Astro match making relationship compatibility

To get horoscope matching consultation with this 68 point based system, you can follow the steps as mentioned (below).

Please complete the following steps

Step 1

Send an email to with subject "Match making". Do mention the following details in email :

For female partner : Date, time (approximate) and place of birth
For male partner  : Date, time (approximate) and place of birth

Step 2

Send me a chat message on +91 8700603583 (Whatsapp) OR banerjee-partho (Skype) OR (Hangout), informing me that you completed the first step. Please mention your name and email in the chat.

Step 3

Wait for my response to your chat message. I typically respond within few minutes to maximum 12 hours. I will reply to inform about the consultation fee and discuss the date and time of consultation.