About me

This website is owned and managed by Partho Banerjee, that’s me. I’m very happy that you are here.

I have been a full time IT and software professional for 14 years and have done Master's in Computer Applications. I am certified corporate IT trainer by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India and IBM. I have worked with leading IT companies in banking and financial services domain at global cities including London, Singapore, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Hong Kong etc.

My journey in Vedic astrology began in the year 1999 and I started horoscope analysis in 2001. All through that decade, I was pursuing my full time job in the IT and astrology in parallel.

"Scientific Astro Solution” might sound like just another name to some, but it reflects truly unique benefits this site offers to it’s visitors.

I am among very few astrologers who would talk about patterns and events in the past of one's life before giving predictions. Future predictions can be verified ONLY in future but past patterns in life can be instantly agreed upon. This helps in better understanding and builds the trust between astrologer and the questioner.

My vision is to deliver a message : you create own destiny by virtue of karma; karma is your free will. Destiny is nothing but the outcome of karma, in a time bound fashion - something that vedic astrologers study under dasha system, transits and numerous other tools.

In my eventful journey of more than a decade and half as practicing astrologer, I have done consultations for people from different walks of life across various cultures and countries (thanks to the internet).

Astrology services offered through this website are:

  • Complete horoscope reading with step-by-step guidance, predictions, answer to all questions, healing and remedy
  • Modern career counselling through astrology including financial growth
  • Astro relationship and marriage compatibility guidance
  • Online astrology course
  • Understanding root cause and karmic healing required for major obstacles in life - child birth issues, delayed marriage or serious relationship/marriage issues, legal disputes, debts and loans, or other long standing challenges
  • Free Lucky day (and lucky days monthly calendar) for given date of birth. There are many good Astrology websites but I am yet to find one that matches lucky days with individual date of birth.
  • Free monthly luck calendar based on individual date of birth for specific purpose like career, finance, relationship/marriage, general matters etc.

During true vedic times, astrologers did free consultation and the state (the ruler, the kings/queens) took care of their expenses like housing, food and all other requirements.

In modern times, the astrologers charge money because the state does not follow the old vedic tradition. I see nothing wrong with that, so long as astrologers genuinely help people. Unfortunately, as we have bad intentioned people in every domain of public life, astrologers aren't out of it.

This website is embodiment of what makes a person truly unique and lovable. It’s about inducing a sense of fulfillment and harmony within oneself and with the world around.

I welcome you to the services I offer via this website to understand yourself better. I hope you get immensely benefited by high quality astrological guidance available in this website so that your personal, professional, social and spiritual life is enriched with fulfilling happiness.

Talk soon,

Partho Banerjee